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My Porsche 911 at the airfiled

Welcome to My Porsche 911

Hello and welcome to, a site dedicated to my Porsche 911 1974 3,5l coupe. I've owned the Porsche 911 for many years, and over that time it's undergone restoration work as well as having a number of modifications. For me the Porsche 911 is the supercar combining looks, performance and reliability. This site is a collection of photo's and descriptions of the work, ideas behind the modifications, her performance and generally what it's been like owning and driving a Porsche 911 over the years. Check back regularly as the site will grow as I complete more projects on the Porsche or take her to the track.

An Introduction to my Porsche 911   A Quick Blast
This was taken a while ago, before major engine, transmission, brakes & Suspension upgrades You can see more of my 911 and many other great Porsches at   This was taken after the engine had been upgraded to 3.5l twin spark with MoTec engine management. You can see more of my 911 and many other great Porsches at
The Engine   Magazine Photoshoot
These are a few pictures I took during the engine build.You can see more of pictures and videos of my 911 and many other great Porsches at   My 911 featured in Practical Performance Magazine in June 2010. These are a few pics I took during the photoshoot. You can see more pictures and videos of my 911 and many other great Porsches at

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