Porsche Brake Caliper Decals

Now is the time of your to get all those jobs done on your Porsche ready for the spring next year. One of those jobs might be a brake refresh including new pads, a luck of paint and replacing the worn or torn brake caliper decals. Nothing says refresh like a Porsche logo splashed across the calipers. I've managed to source a high quality vynal caliper decals with Porsche style lettering. You can pick yourself up a set and apt them yourself. They look great peeking through your wheels. Why no treat yourself a set of Porsche Brake Caliper Decals. Read more [...]
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Porsche Spam

It's a shame, but this blog receives such a lot of spam that I am forced to close down public comments. I'll still be posting lots of Porsche articles, pictures and videos for you to enjoy. In the meantime I try to work out an alternative way of allowing comments safely. I hope you all continue to enjoy my Porsche blog.  We've had at the time of writing this post more than 1.2m visitors, so hopefully that means some of you are enjoying it.
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Great Day at Deutsche Fest 2019

Had a great day at the 2019 Deutsche Fest at Brands Hatch. Lots of fantastic cars and people. Everyone a true petrol head. My old Porsche was selected to be in the Top 10 cars competition. Ass the day ended my Porsche was voted into 3rd place. Not bad for a car build decades ago in 1974! Read more [...]
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My Porsche 911 at Deutsche Fest 2019

I'm excited to be taking my 911 to the 2019 Deutsche Fest which is being held at the Brands Hatch circuit  in the United Kingdom.  I bought my ticket and was surprised to be told that my 911 had been voted into the Das Auto award top  10 cars.  So my little car will be displayed with 9 other amazing cars this weekend (7th July 2019).  It gets better as the public will be asked to vote for their favorite. Check out the facebook post by the Deutsche Fest organisers If your at the circuit this Sunday stop by and say hello. Or if you prefer vote for your favorite car on face book. I think Read more [...]
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Porsche South London

I spent a great day this Saturday 9th June 2018 at the newly built Porsche Center in South London. The owners had put on a weekend for test driving their cars as well as an opportunity for Porsche owners to bring their cars along and show them off to fellow Porsche enthusiasts.  I took my old 1974 911 along and it looked at home with its younger offspring.  There were some great cars on display including a fantastic 911 GTS, a 993 RSR, a 911 T, a 997 GT3 RS, a 356 and a lovely 964.  If you haven't been for a visit I would thoroughly recommend it.  The staff are great, friendly and very Read more [...]
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Porsche Bluetooth Speakers

We all know Porsche make products apart from their awesome supercars.  We've seen tractors, tanks, bikes, sunglasses, watches, clothing and now they are making Bluetooth speakers.  They aren't just ordinary Bluetooth speakers they are speakers made from an OEM 911 GT3 exhaust system.  If the speakers sound anything like as good as a GT3 then they are sure to be a fantastic addition to your home entertainment system.  However, Priced at £2000 pounds, they are not for the feint hearted. We've not been lucky enough to listen to these speakers. If you have please let us know. Head over Read more [...]
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Lets Talk Porsche

I've been busy writing articles for Porsche. I've created an area over on Channel P101tv innovatively called Porsche Articles which is dedicated to articles. There are a number of categories to help you find the article you are looking for. If you have a Channel P101tv account you can also leave your comments and join in the Porsche debate. We look forward to reading your comments in the Porsche Directory.  You opinion belongs on Channel P101tv.
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The Porsche Directory

There are hundreds of Porsche related websites out there and the number continues to grow. This can make it incredibly difficult to find the Porsche information you're looking for. The Channel P101tv Porsche directory has been created to provide a single and comprehensive source of Porsche information. If you're looking for Porsche forums, engine builders, spares & parts suppliers, insurers or anything else that might be useful for a Porsche enthusiast, then this is the place for you. Not in the P101tv Directory? Don't miss out. It's simple. Submit your website for FREE! Read more [...]
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Installing Porsche Headlights

The headlights are a distinctive feature of the 911. They look integral to the car and look seamless in the way they are fixed to the front of the wings. Amazingly they are held in with only one small retaining screw, yet if assembled carelessly you can easily damage your paintwork. Here's our quick guide for fitting a Porsche headlight assembly, quickly, easily and safely. Read more [...]
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Singer Style Headlights for the Classic 911

If you own a classic Porsche 911 then like me you'll know that at night, the headlights leave a lot to be desired and navigation on unlit roads at night needs a little luck. Its a little like have a couple of candles behind the headlight glass. When the Singer 911 launched it did so with modern headlights that not only looked great but also lit up the road ahead of you. Unfortunately Singer decided to keep their headlights to themselves making it almost impossible for enthusiasts to get hold of a pair of these dazzlers. All that has changed, and recently I installed a pair of Singer style Read more [...]
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