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The RUF CTR1 ‘Yellowbird’

This has to be one of the most Iconic tuned 911′s ever and one of my favourite cars.  Although strictly not a Porsche, RUF takes the Porsche bodyshell and adds its own magic. Produced in the mid 80′s by Alois … Continue reading

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Washing your Porsche

For every person you ask, there be as many recommendations on the best way to care for your Porsche.  So without any further a due I’ll offer my opinion on how to get great results when cleaning your Porsche. This … Continue reading

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P101tv in 9Magazine

It seems that Channel P101tv is getting noticed by the Porsche community.  I launched the website about ten weeks ago and it has been growing steadily with more and more Porsche enthusiasts joining in.  It has accumulated 4 million hits … Continue reading

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The Monster Porsche 917

The racing giant that was the Porsche 917 has earned itself the reputation of the best sports car of all time. Motorsport Magazine in 1997 called it “The Greatest Racing Car of All Time”.  A group of motorsport journalists in … Continue reading

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Oil Filter Change Time

Having spent what seems like the national debt of a small country rebuilding and modifying my 911 engine,  i’m now fanatical about changing the oil and oil filter.  I change the oil twice as much as recommended by Porsche, and … Continue reading

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Dishwasher Rinse Aid for your Porsche?

If your anything like me, and your water supplier supplies water harder than granite, then after you’ve finished wasing your beloved 911 it has water streaks and  water marks which are a pain to get rid of.  It’s seems like … Continue reading

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Whats So Special About a Classic 911

There are many good quality cars with high performance specifications to their name in the world today, so why would you choose an old 911 as that special car to own.  Well, here’s a few thoughts on why they have … Continue reading

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How to Clay Bar your Porsche

I have finally taken the plunge and Clay’d my 911.  The results are amazing.  Bugs and grime build up over the years and the clay bar leaves the paint clean, fresh and smooth.  A coat of wax over a surface … Continue reading

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The Birth of the Porsche “Ducktail”

The Porsche 911 is famous for the various rear spoilers sitting over the engine at the rear.  They have changed quite dramatically over years from the huge turbo whale tail of the 930, the 3.2 Carrera tea tray to the … Continue reading

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