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What about Tyre Pressure

I have been playing around with my tyre pressures recently and it got me thinking about how little emphasis we pay to tyre pressures compared to all the other performance enhancements we make. So having done some research here’s a … Continue reading

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Tire Speed Ratings

This has always been a bit of mystery to me.  I’d never really paid much attention to all the lettering on the side of my tyres.  It wasn’t until I started getting into the whole Porsche scene that I started … Continue reading

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Tire or Tyres

I never know if I’m spelling it correctly.  Is it “Tire” or “tyre”? I’ve always used Tyre, but just when I think that’s the correct spelling I end up commng accross some text where it’s spelt Tire.  So which is … Continue reading

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Track Days

I go to a lot of Porsche enthusiast meetings and the atmosphere is always friendly with a lot of great people to talk to and their Porsches to admire. The Track Day scene is a completely different story. At the … Continue reading

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Discovered an Oil Leak Today

Today I discovered the dreaded spot of oil on the garage floor. It’s not a big leak. I guess there was less than a tea spoon (5ml) of oil on the floor. It’s on the drivers side midway between wheel … Continue reading

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Free Online Porsche Video and Picture Hosting

Nearly all forums and blogs do not allow direct video and picture uploads to their website. This saving on their server space requirements and reduces hosting costs. So in order to show of video and pictures, you need to have … Continue reading

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Porsche High Speed Spin and Save

One of the members of Channel P101tv has uploaded a great video of a Porsche 911 race car spinning out after hitting an oil slick on the banking of the Texas Motor Speedway during qualifying at the first and only … Continue reading

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