Discovered an Oil Leak Today

Today I discovered the dreaded spot of oil on the garage floor.

It’s not a big leak. I guess there was less than a tea spoon (5ml) of oil on the floor. It’s on the drivers side midway between wheel arch and car centre line.

The thing with oil leaks on a Porsche engine is that the oil normally travels all over the place before it hits the floor, so the location of the oil on the floor is usally nothing to do with the location of the leak itself. The usual suspects are cam covers, oil sender and the oil switch. The cam covers are probably not the cause as I have the turbo covers and are less prone to warp.

Having done my investigations the culprit was the oil pressure warning light sender switch at the front of the engine. Ordered a new one from Porsche, Part Number 911 606 230 00. Cost of £18 plus VAT. Cheap by any standards. True to form I have put together a “How to” video guide.

About Peter Bell

I am a self confessed Porsche-a-holic. An enthusiast from an early age I have spent many years reading about Porsche as well as building my own ultimate Porsche 911. Writing about Porsche has been a hoby since as long as I can remember. I have also created a number of websites for the Porsche enthusiast community.
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