Porsche Insurance

Every year it seems like a nightmare when the insurance renewal comes through the door. I spend what seems like forever trying to get the best deal.

Cheapest is not always the best. There are a few things I look for in a provider. Some of the things I always ask are:

- Agreed Value. This is my top priority. It’s your pride and joy, so make sure the value reflects it;
- Right of Salvage. You need to make sure that in the event your Porsche is damaged beyond econimc repair, that you have first right to salvage;
- Low excess. You dont want to be lumbered with a massive bill when you need to make a claim;
- Free winsdscreen repair. Chips can be nasty, and you want them fixed quickly and preferably for free;
- European cover. If you looking to go out of the country for a driving holiday or a road trip with your buddies, then this is expensive to get later;
- Breakdown cover;
- Legal expenses;
- Contents cover, including stereo etc.

I have found a comparison site for getting online quoates for classic porsche insurance. It doesnt cost anything so its worth a look.

Classic Porsche Insurance Quotes

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I am a self confessed Porsche-a-holic. An enthusiast from an early age I have spent many years reading about Porsche as well as building my own ultimate Porsche 911. Writing about Porsche has been a hoby since as long as I can remember. I have also created a number of websites for the Porsche enthusiast community.
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