Fuchs Wheels Decoder

The Fuchs alloy wheels have been synonymous with the classic 911 upto 1989. With production of the traditional Fuchs wheels now at an end, the second hand market is thriving and a good original set of Fuchs can set you back a small fortune. With the availability of good Fuchs limited and demand high, there are a number of after market suppliers of immitation wheels and it is all too easy to buy a set of fakes when you think your buying originals.

Fuchs Wheels Decoder

I have put together a Fuchs Wheels Decoder to help you identify which Fuchs are which. Just enter the part number found on the back of the Fuchs wheel and the decoder will tell you the size, offset, weight and original finish.

You can find the Fuchs decoder over on Channel P101tv in the Porsche Folio resources area.

Click here to visit: Channel P101tv Fuchs Wheel Decoder

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2 Responses to Fuchs Wheels Decoder

  1. Paula Duhn says:

    Hi there:
    I have some Fuchs that I purchased 27 years ago that I am trying to identify once and for all and wondered if you could help me. I have pictures as well that I can send you. They have all the markings of being genuine: 901361016UU <— I don't know if it just didn't get stamped all the way or what the UU means and the fox head and triangle symbols. It has the AS1.62 and 26738F as well. Also how do I go about "date matching" them? Are they worth more restored with the black on them or to be all polished? I have all four with lugs and the centers. I was only able to remove one at this time due to the way my '58 VW bug is being stored right now. I truly hope you can help me with this so I can sell them to someone that will truly appreciate them and get a lot of use out of them. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide or if you can tell me who I should speak to, I truly appreciate it. :)
    All the best,
    Paula Duhn

  2. Peter Bell says:

    Hi Paula

    Thanks for your comment. Try the Fuchs decoder tool over of P101tv here:


    Also take a look at the article on Fuchs authenticity here:


    All the best