Porsche Options and Codes

There are many codes associated with your Porsche. There are paint codes, option codes, part numbers, Vehicle Identity Numbers (VIN’s), engine numbers, country codes and more. Channel P101tv now has a new growing section in its “Porsche Folio” all about decoding the meaning of the various codes and option numbers. Understanding these codes and options can be an important part in establishing the correct credentials for your Porsche. It will also be particularly useful when buying a used Porsche by piecing tegether it’s true identity when it left the factory.

Head over to the Channel P101tv Porsche Options and Codes section to read more.

About Peter Bell

I am a self confessed Porsche-a-holic. An enthusiast from an early age I have spent many years reading about Porsche as well as building my own ultimate Porsche 911. Writing about Porsche has been a hoby since as long as I can remember. I have also created a number of websites for the Porsche enthusiast community.
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4 Responses to Porsche Options and Codes

  1. Robert C Johnson says:

    Hi Peter. I Recently purchased an 928 S4 Auto with 75K. I am trying to determine the factory options on this particular car being that the option codes tag is no where to be found. I am curious because this car for example Factory Chrome Wheels and a few other unusual features.

    If you could help me locate this info I would be very grateful. My VIN is
    WPOJB0929JS8600679. I am very interested in finding exactly what this unusual car has. Please send any info to the above listed e-mail.

    Thank You in Advance
    PCA0891 Old Timer

    • Peter Bell says:

      Hi Robert. Apologies for the delay in replying. Looks like your Porsche has the standardised 17 digit VIN number which cam into effect from 1981.

      I’ll ping you an email of what I manage to uncover.


  2. john says:

    hi there peter.
    i have a 1986 porsche 928s 50L. I believe it is a C17 with i found out was delivered
    to british service personal in germany.the vin number is WPOZZZ92ZGS840516
    engine number.m282282g05289.first registed in october 1985.
    the car has got loads of features.but what is very rare in austalia which is where the car is now is that its black with burgandy interior.i have never seen this combination.
    any info on this model would be much appreciated.
    kind regards john pirro.

    • Peter Bell says:

      Hi John
      Thank you for taking the time to write to me. Your 928 sounds wonderful. Especially the 5.0l part. Amazing. Have you checked the VIN number coding to see what the original spec of the car was when it left the factory. The WPO series are easy to decode and widely available on the web to undrstand?

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