Porsche Brake Caliper Decals

Enhance Your Brake Calipers With A Set of Porsche Lettering Decals
Porsche Brake Caliper DecalsA great way to set off your Porsche wheels is with a set of painted brake calipers. They look especially great if the brake calipers have the Porsche lettering on them. Fitting brake caliper decals is a simple DIY project and takes only a few minutes per wheel. So if you want to restore your original Porsche caliper decals to their original look, or enhance your calipers with a set of Porsche lettering decals this is a DIY project worth looking at.

Caliper decals can be bought quite cheaply but you need to make sure you buy decals made of high quality heat resistant and ultraviolet resistant vynal. You can get a set of five decals in either white, black or red lettering from the shop at MyPorsche911 for just £9.99. You can see the deals in the three colour options to the right.

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Porsche Brake Caliper Decals

Brake Calliper Decals Installation Guide
Before applying your decals you need to ensure that you are mounting them to a smooth, clean, dry surface and that it is free of any wax, dirt, dust and oil.

The decal is sandwiched between a backing strip and a clear transfer tape.

Peel the backing strip and clear mounting strip apart slowly. (It is recommended that you peel from one end of the decal). As you peel the two strips apart make sure the decal remains attached to the clear transfer tape and not the backing paper.

Place the decal onto the surface where the decal is to mounted. Rub the decal gently through the clear transfer tape.

When you are content that the decal is adhered firmly to the mounting surface, slowly remove the clear transfer tape from the decal making sure all the parts of the decal remain firmly attached to the mounting surface.

Application of the decal works best when the mounting surface is between 75 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Take a look at Porsche Brake Caliper Decals

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