Singer Style Headlights for the Classic 911

Singer Style Headlights

Singer Style Headlights

If you own a classic Porsche 911 then like me you’ll know that at night, the headlights leave a lot to be desired and navigation on unlit roads at night needs a little luck. Its a little like have a couple of candles behind the headlight glass. When the Singer 911 launched it did so with modern headlights that not only looked great but also lit up the road ahead of you. Unfortunately Singer decided to keep their headlights to themselves making it almost impossible for enthusiasts to get hold of a pair of these dazzlers.

All that has changed, and recently I installed a pair of Singer style headlights to my own classic 911. I think they look great as well as putting out a modern high energy discharge beam. I managed to get these from Channel P101tv member Fozzy who puts these kits together. They are a perfect fit and a direct replacement for the original headlight units.

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