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Posted: Aug 09, 2012 7:14:19 pm

Hi all, did anybody go to the Le Mans Classic,
I went foir the first time , the whole weekend was amazing.
Getting on trhe ferry at 7am on the friday was like the most amazing car show ever.
While I was walking up the decks there were ferrari, porsche astons db5s , tr6,5,4,
But there was a fantasic show of porsche the whole weekend.

Inside the porsche club had around 1000 cars, they all did a run around the track which was cool, Wouldnt mind trying to see if its pssible for me to take mine around, any one know how you go about it,

This weekend is every 2 years so definatly going next time.

Also whilst on my way there I purchased a porsche mag and low and behold if im not mistaken
WAS THAT YOU AND YOU CAR PETE great piece and your car looked real cool  well done :agree:

Posted: Aug 09, 2012 7:16:56 pm

I got some great video of porsche on the track and photos, I will have to get a friend to show me how to put them on here

cheers :)

Posted: Sep 06, 2012 10:54:31 am

Hi Dil

Yep, that was my car.  Many thanks for the complement!  Here's a few pics I took on my phone of the photoshoot.  Not great quality im afraid: 

London's Calling Photo's

I wished I had gone.  Everyone tells me ow great it was.  Please do upload your pics and photo's.

Here's how to do the photo's:

and here's how to do the video:


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