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Posted: Jun 03, 2010 11:37:53 pm

Hi all,

My name is Cowan Scott (35yrs.) and live in Southwest Scotland.
I am currently a Lotus Exige S owner and have owned Lotus products for the last 10yrs. .
I have enjoyed them very much, but it is simply time for a change..
Not being a track day enthusiast, the Exige is kind of wasted on me, but in saying that, I have enjoyed 26K trouble free miles touring Britain and the continent during the past 3 yrs..

However, I have always loved the idea of owing an air cooled 911 (Targa or Conv.).

The problem is.. I would like to know more about the 964 targa/conv. or equivalent 993.

I have probably seen every classified ad, and have downloaded several 911 buying guides, but still feel the need to ask for more advice before taking the plunge.

For instance, I have driven the new Boxster S 987 (310hp) and was disapointed with the overall experience, even though they are as practical as convertibles get. The new 'afordable' Porsches are devoid of any real character in comparison with what I currently have, and a Porsche main dealer salesman pointed me in the direction of an air cooled 911.
I once briefly drove a Carrera 2 (964) many years ago in 1995, and that experience is still vivid today. However, that was before I had several Lotus cars.. which may now have distorted that experience..

Hopefully some seasoned air cooled 964 & 993 owners will come forward to lend a hand or give me some pointers.
Outright cornering pace and handling are not the issue here.. Looks, sound and character are!

many thanks in advance,


Posted: Jun 04, 2010 7:55:28 pm

Hi, if looks, sound and character are what you are after you cant go wrong with a 964. They are great cars, mixing the classic looks of a 911 with a slightly more modern comfort and ride level and so far do not appear to suffer the corrosion that can be found on the older SC and 3.2 models. The exhaust system can be upgraded fairly reasonably to sound superb. I never tired of the sound of mine over 4 years with a cup bypass system.
Best thing to do is go to some dealers/specialists and take a few for a test drive to make your own mind up.

Good luck and happy hunting !  :)
Sprightly 1134kg and falling.

Posted: Jun 04, 2010 10:00:08 pm

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the reply. I have searched the internet for hire vehicles which fit the description, but none have what I want to test drive, even in coupe form.

The Porsche main dealer in Edinburgh were good enough to give me a new Boxster S for 24 hours which lets you use the car the way you would. I'm glad they did, otherwise I could have made a big mistake..

I will have £20000 to use, while keeping £5000 for possible repairs or practical upgrades.. so there should be a wide enough choice. (my budget is also no longer as high as it was..)

I'll post my questions on more relevant areas of this site.

Thank you very much.


Posted: Jun 05, 2010 7:49:22 am

Hi Cowan

Im glad you didnt go down the Boxter route.  I think you would hahve been very dissapointed.

Do you have £20,000 for the car then another £5,000 for repairs / upgrades, or does the £5,000 have to come off the £20,000.  Either way should be able to get a very nice 911.

If its £15,000 that you can definitely get a nice clean 964.  The 964 is still a proper aircooled 911 and was the first to have ABS etc, if that is important.  You can do alot to te 3.6l engine to get more power or change thw sound.  If its £20,000 you can then enter the 993 territory and maybe get a C4 or a C2S. 

You could go old school and get a 3.2 Carrera.  A late 1987 to 89 car is within budget and they are fabulous cars to drive, but no driver aids.

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