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Posted: Oct 31, 2010 10:35:47 pm

New member, old problem (busted head studs). Signed up as I'm planning to rebuild my first 911 motor. I'm nervous, out of my depth and don't have 4k sat around to give the local specialist to rebuild it for me.
82 911sc Coupe.

Posted: Nov 01, 2010 8:40:09 am

Hi Flat6 and welcometo the forum.  The old stud problem keeps rearing its ugly head.  If you take your time you will get there.  I did mine for the first time.  Took me a while but I got there in the end. 

Why not open a thread for your car, get some photo's uploaded and then start discussing the project....

Posted: Nov 01, 2010 12:32:10 pm

Thanks for your encouragement Pete, it means a lot as I'm in at the deep end. I've done a top end rebuild on my BMW bike which is boxer oilhead and worked on running gear, brakes, suspension etc but never such an extensive rebuild. Now the motor is out and top end stripped to the cases would you strip it further? It's got 66k on the clock from new with a full history and the chap who stripped it did some checking on the con rods and pistons etc and reckon the bottom end is fine.

Also, did you rebuild the heads or send them off for gas flow and new valves, springs etc? Just wondering if I attempt rebuilding them too or getting a specialist to do it. Do you reckon that as the motor is apart it's also a good idea to fit harder valve springs and various other upgrades to improve it? I've heard that accurately rebuild motors can release quite a bit more power with a ssi exhaust, as much as 20bhp I think.

Finally the gearbox needs a rebuild as it doesn't like 2nd. Did you rebuild yours and fit 3.2 bits in it or send it off to a specialist? Any specialists you reccomend?

So many questions, sorry, but many thanks for your help. Just moved house and now got a double garage so will start project soon. As soon as Internet access sorted I'll post some pics. Tim

82 911sc Coupe.

Posted: Nov 01, 2010 6:04:17 pm

Never be afraid to ask, that's how we all learn. if we don't know the answer,
I'm sure someone will know someone who does.
If you need parts. do yourself a favour and try here first:

Matthew is VERY helpfull and knowledgeable, and will always do a 'DEAL'
Don't forget your local Porsche dealership, you'll be suprised that some parts are cheaper direct!
You can download a workshop manual, and a parts catalogue, if you want them, let me know and I'll
give you the web addresses.


Posted: Nov 01, 2010 11:16:31 pm

Tim - here's a PET Catalogue as Hu suggest which could be very helpful.

Posted: Nov 02, 2010 10:53:20 pm

Thanks lads. Pete, any thoughts on my previous post on where to start with my project? Thanks.
82 911sc Coupe.

Posted: Nov 02, 2010 11:38:17 pm

Hi Tim

Before you start I think maybe you should decide what you want to achieve.  Your options are many, but here's a few ideas:

- keep it a standard SC engine;
- upgrade/engance the SC engine for more power/reliability etc;
- transplant another Porsche engine.  Options include a 3.2 carrera engine or a 3.6 engine from a 964 or 993;
- build a hotrod, maybe using a donar 3.2 Carrera engine and putting on 3.5l barrels and pistons and engine management etc.

I would think those options through, weigh up the pro's and con's of each (including budget) and decide which is for you.  Once you know where you want to be, how to get there will be easier to figure out. 

Just my thoughts....

Posted: Nov 03, 2010 9:36:15 am

Thanks pete.

Unsurprisingly budget is a big issue as we've just moved house so theInitial plan is to warm over the motor for a bit more power and good reliability. I'm also keen to keep the numbers matched so don't plan to do a motor transplant. I'd like help the motor breathe a bit better so do stuff like gas flow the heads, stiffer valve springs, new valves, collets, guides etc and tidy up the induction with a different airbox perhaps, poss more aggressive cams, then add a decent exhaust system to get the unique air cooled sound. Be good to get at least the 204bhp it was supposed to make. Sound like a plan or am I gonna get this wrong ?

Gearbox is a problem so I guess send it off for a rebuild with 3.2 internals?

Thanks again. Tim 
82 911sc Coupe.

Posted: Nov 03, 2010 9:37:41 am

Thanks for the info Hu.
82 911sc Coupe.

Posted: Nov 03, 2010 2:48:53 pm

Hi Hu

Sounds like a plan to me.  The gearbox wont take 3.2 internals.  You either have to rebuild the 915 or do a G50 conversion, the ;atter being very expesnive and time consuming so I'd get teh 915 sorted instead.  It's lighter than a 50.  Although you could look at a 915 from an early pre- G50 3.2?

As far as engine concerned then maybe this could be some plan options:

- new piston rings and little ends (while your in there...)..  Check the barrels for wear first of course.
- Twin spark?  Tandem fire from existing coil;
- Porsche 964 Supersport cam profile;
- re-furbish the head (guides etc), tripple seat valves;
- ARP springs and retainers;
- Not sure Gasflow will give you much in the way of improvement.  Porsche really knew what they were doing and an attempt at gas flowing can reduce power rather than improve it;
- As for air, this is a very contenscious issue.  The Porsche airbox is a good one.  A cone filter might make it sound better but give nothing by way of power increase.    ITB's are best, but again these are exoensive.
- ARP head studs;
- Maybe a Turbo thomas exhaust or a hayward and scott....

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