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Posted: Jul 23, 2011 4:19:49 pm

Hi everyone. Yes i'm new to the forum and having read through various articles and posts, i'm very impressed with it.

I have a 2003 911 CARERRA 4 COUPE. Its developed a couple of minor electrical issues recently and i was wondering if anyone can help.

Basically the passenger door glass doesnt drop correctly when opening and closing the door. When you pull the door handle the glass doent drop so the glass catches. When closing the door again the glass doesnt drop unless you pull the handle and hold oit open and the the door wont latch.
The other problem is the fuel gauge isnt working. With plenty of fuel in the tank the gauge needle stays firmly on the empty mark and the low fuel warning light stays on constantly.

Posted: Jul 23, 2011 7:11:48 pm

Hi Adam

Welcome to the forum.

Sounds like a problem with the window closer regulator or the switch that tells it to drop the window.  Not sure where its located on your model.  Have a look in the electrical manual.

Thye fuel guage mayube the ender unit on the tank.  Probably worth checking if there is a signal being sent to make sure before investigating any further..

Your welcome to start a thread on your car in the Gallery and share a few pics. 

You might also like to join our sister site to host your pictures.  Once youve uploaded pics there, you can sow them in treads here as many times as you like without having to re-upload every time.

Posted: Jul 23, 2011 9:07:48 pm

Hello Adam and welcome to the forum.I have come across the same window problem on Vauxhall Tigras, where the window drops when the door opens. That has always been the micro switch at fault. Like Pete I dont kmow its exact location but somewhere near the rear of the handle would be a good start. With the door trim off follow the wiring between the window motor and door handle mechanism.As for the fuel gauge, check the fuse first you never know, I know plenty of people who have spent hours looking for a fault only to check the fuse last, finding it blown. If you can get at the top of the sender at the fuel tank there are usually two wires, they send the signal to the gauge, put a supply on the feed and earth the other, if the gauge shows full the gauge is ok and the fault the sender.

Just take your time and be patient and you will get there, good luck mate.

Craig  :)

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