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Posted: Jan 31, 2013 11:08:52 am

Gents, I've just joined as I wonder if anyone else is keen to watch AVI videos from a USB stick on the standard PCM?

I have PCM v3.41 and it actually plays an AVI video file via USB port in glovebox (MP4 video file) but plays the sound only - I could listen to the whole movie through the car speakers - but no video.  I know I haven't got the TV module but i'm impressed that the PCM will play the file, play the music, so I'm pushing for a way to unlock the PCM to show the video too...  perfect scenario!

My local dealer obviously doesn't know anything about upgrades and workarounds etc (wallbash) so I hope someone else can help me - wouldn't it be great to watch movies from a USB stick!.

The AVI was playing fine even whilst I was driving.. so 2 things - not sure if the video A) will play and B) will play whilst driving forward.
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