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Posted: Jan 31, 2013 11:19:20 am

Does anyone know how to check if a 991 has the 40GB HardDiskDrive installed, or if it can be unlocked for use?

The reason I ask is yesterday I had a 2013 Boxter loan car - under the 'source' menu it listed 'Jukebox' I'd never seen that before on my 991.  Naturally I want it! it plays music stored on the Car's Hard Disk, a 40GB HDD and shows album artwork. i definately want that!

The Boxster PCM was v4.3, mine is v3.41 so obviously that needs upgrading - Porsche Main Dealer say they can't upgrade it (yet) so I'm curious to see if I have the hardware already, ready in case I do the software update. 

Would be typical that Porsche fit the hardware, and only release the software when its fully tested.  But i don't know how to check if i have the HDD.  Thanks
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